Without question, Google Ads is the king of paid marketing and it looks set to be that way for a long time. With the numerous functionalities and reporting options Google Ads provides for advertisers and most people utilising Google Chrome as their search engine, Google now dominates the paid marketing space.
However, with this popularity comes increased competition for keywords, especially for industries such as fashion and travel. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that advertisers are starting to look for opportunities elsewhere, particularly through Bing Ads.
This new approach has seen advertisers starting to shift their thinking from Google Ads Vs Bing Ads to Google Ads plus Bing Ads. By using the two together, many are reporting more positive results. For example, If you are a small company in an industry where Cost Per Click (CPC) continues to increase and you have a limited budget, then you may struggle to compete on Google. But by using Bing Ads. where CPC’s are lower, you may find more success.

Broaden Your PPC Strategy

This will not be the case for all companies and more factors need to be taken into consideration, but there are plenty of opportunities. Especially with Microsoft having three search engines; Bing, Yahoo and AOL – you get the chance to show ads across them all.
Microsoft continues to introduce new features such as In-Market Audiences and Headline 3 (to name a few) which suggests Microsoft is concentrating on what really counts – people, making it easier for advertisers to use their service effectively and expand their campaigns into new territories.