On 30 January, we held our quarterly Manchester Magento Meetup at the brand-new XYZ building in Manchester’s Spinningfields. The choice of venue was a break from the past, when capacities restricted us to 40–50 guests maximum, which would usually pan out to be about 35 on the night. XYZ’s flexibility meant no restrictions, and the Magento community wholeheartedly embraced the promise, turning out in the 60s for the night – with one person travelling up from Devon, others from the Midlands!

To one and all, it was great to have you, and the networking opportunities were embraced by all, a fact that was appreciated by the city’s centre’s publicans on a Tuesday evening in February.

For those of you asking for slideshows, here they are:

Tracy Drain, INVOPAK

B2B Ecommerce Challenges… and Out-of-box Solutions to Solve Them

Robyn Potter, Temando

Access Magento Shipping

Rebecca Brocton, JH

Applying your Patches: Magento Mental Health

Marek Kubacak, Yellow Hexagon

Establishing a development cloud (PDF)

* * *
(There should be more presentations to come – we’ll update and notify when they are posted.)
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