On Tuesday evening Manchester’s SEO community gathered for an evening of insightful talks and networking at MancSEO. 

Originally a quarterly meetup spanning throughout 2009/10, the MancSEO brand has recently been rebooted by Kieron Hughes (PortSwigger), James Smith (iProspect), and Will O’Hara (MediaCom).

Having built a channel with 200+ members on Slack, they have bought together like-minded search professionals to commune and knowledge share across a wide range of related topics. The genuine sense of comradery cultivated on the channel has manifested into a series of increasingly popular events.

Insightful talks, a great venue and friendly atmosphere…

The latest was at Impossible, an ideal venue – professional yet relaxed, comfortable and ambient with great staging facilities. The atmosphere was one of genuine excitement. Old friends and colleagues mixed with newcomers alike, many putting real-life faces to familiar online personas for the first time. 

Throughout each talk, the audience was attentive, absorbing the vast and varied expertise on offer; how to utilise data for content marketing and linkbuilding, maintaining SEO/Developer relations, analysing SERPs for customer insights and the importance of having a side project.

Each presentation was informative, energetically delivered and artfully concise, keeping a steady momentum to the evening and helping punters to avoid the sluggishness that can sometimes creep in after two complimentary beers and a series of protracted lectures. This resulted in many staying after the event to socialise and enjoy the ample free beverages and ‘swag’ on offer. The consensus was that of a rousing success. SEO in Manchester is alive and well.

Key learnings

Google rewrites your meta descriptions 84% of the time

Never launch a new website on a Friday 

When sending your data-led content campaigns to journalists, don’t give the game away. Intrigue them with headline stats and ensure them there’s more to the story 

Jupyter notebook scripts allow SEO’s to scrape user-centric content to gain an understanding of what users want 

Side projects are a great way to develop skills, meet new people and make extra cash