Talent Day returns to Manchester this February. The renowned digital networking event is an opportunity for thriving university students to meet and speak with some of the North West’s leading agencies, businesses and blue-chip brands. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for businesses to recruit fresh talent and help them build towards a successful career.
PushON has been fortunate over the years to recruit plenty of fresh and exciting talent from Manchester Digital’s Talent Day.
Last year, we recruited Charlie to join our Web Development team.
Not only is he a whizz at coding and site development, but he’s also an excellent chef renowned within the agency for his five-star pulled pork or mac ‘n’ cheese.
We wanted to find out from Charlie why he attended the Talent Day event and what made him choose to work at PushON. Here’s what he had to say…
As students, lecturers would hound me and my classmates about going to as many events and meetups as possible. We almost never took this advice, but everyone in the class would make an effort for Talent Day. 
I was surprised at the number of opportunities that came out of Talent Day. Fortunately, one of which was  PushON. I was drawn to PushON for their great atmosphere within a medium sized team in which you can have an impact from early on. Something is rewarding about working on a website knowing it’s going to be used by countless people. 
Talent Day is an excellent introduction to digital; I found meeting people in a casual environment helped make follow-up interviews much more relaxed.
I was surprised at the number of opportunities that came out of Talent Day, one of which was PushON. I was drawn to PushON by the great atmosphere. I also wanted to work within a medium sized team so that I could try and have an impact early on. There is something rewarding about working on a website knowing it will be visited by countless people. If you’re looking to start putting those feelers out for your first job in digital, make sure you have something to show. Throw up a portfolio, get a CodePen account, get on Git and make stuff. Don’t forget to do your research; if you’re interviewing for a Magento agency, learn about Magento.’
We’re very excited to be attending Talent Day again this year, so be sure to keep an eye out for all thing’s orange. Whether you’re interested in a career that focuses on online marketing such as SEO, Paid Media, Content Marketing and Social Media, or you’re more a coder and have a talent for creating and developing eCommerce websites, say hello and have a chat with the team.
Manchester Digital’s Talent Day will be on Tuesday 5th February at 11am-3pm, at the Principal Hotel. More details can be found here: https://www.manchesterdigital.com/events/digital-skills-festival-2019
We hope to see you there!