Tell us about your role at PushON, Shamima?

“I knew I wanted to work at an agency because of the career development opportunities, and some of the people I currently work with have been in the industry for years so there’s always wisdom being passed around”

I’m a Digital Marketing Apprentice. My responsibilities are to assist the content marketing team with tasks such as campaign ideas, content research and audits as well as work on some tech SEO tasks. I also organise the PushON Women in Tech events too.

You’re completing an apprenticeship while working at PushON; how does that work?

With the course I am taking, a Digital Marketing Diploma, there are a number of mandatory assignments alongside optional units that relate to my current role at PushON. I need to complete some theory work in an assignment format and be able to evidence the work I do to demonstrate my knowledge. Often I’ll have to do some reports and case studies about a project I have worked on, which all give me credits towards my qualification.

So, you’re not just making the tea then?

That’s not in my job description, but I’ll make a beverage for my colleagues as a nice gesture!

Is it easy to balance your work commitments along with the work you have to complete for the course?

I’ve been able to keep on top of my work so far, with only 2 months left on my course. Thankfully I’ve had a lot of support from my manager so I’m able to spend an hour or two each week to complete my course work, so there is a good balance. There have been times were I’ve been quite busy at work and haven’t had the time to complete my course work, but I go to 3aaa every fortnight where we focus on completing our assignments with the assessor on hand, so I can quickly get up to speed with things.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship as a route into agency life?

Yes, definitely. I knew I wanted to work at an agency because of the career development opportunities, and some of the people I currently work with have been in the industry for years so there’s always wisdom being passed around. The work/life in an agency is really great too. I’d recommend an apprenticeship route if you are beginning and are keen to learn and develop your current skills.

You’ve been instrumental in the PushON Women in Tech initiative we have. Tell us about what that is and what it means to you.

I’ve taken up the Women in Tech project where I invite women advocates and industry leaders in for lunch with the ladies here at PushON. We talk about their careers, what actions they have taken to make a difference and how what we can do so too. The aim of these meetups is to get together to see what we can do to make a difference and get more women applying for roles in the industry.
It’s very important to me that we use our voices on the PushON platform and other resources that we have available to spread the message. We are an all-inclusive company and want to see more female applicants who can progress in the industry and use their voices to express themselves.

What’s planned next then for Women in Tech?

I’m currently arranging a meeting with two ladies, and we have someone lined up who has delivered conferences in many different countries. I’m hoping to get an hour of mentoring from her for the ladies so that we can apply to speak at panels and attend more networking events.
Also, I’m going to be attending a “diversity & inclusion in tech” workshop at The Federation House in Manchester. It’s going to have a great panel of speakers attending from the Co-op, BBC, Oscar Technology and more.

What does the future look like for you then – how do you see your career progressing at PushON?

I hope I’ll be celebrating a good few years here; it’s a brilliant place to work with a great work life and great career development opportunities. I am always keen on expanding my knowledge so I am looking forward to getting my Google Partner Certificates and attending more training sessions and conferences. Hopefully I’ll be doing my first public speaking, as Simon (one of our directors) has been convincing me I need to do it. Wish me luck!

Any final words of wisdom for anyone considering digital marketing as a career?

For anyone considering a career in marketing, always know what you want to gain for yourself as well as what you can give to the employer. Take the time to reflect and find your strengths and weaknesses, find out how your employer can assist you in developing and utilising your assets. If you have the hard-work ethic it will show naturally in your charisma. Agency life will be great for you if you have that good work/life balance and see yourself progressing whilst working with a variety of different people.