It’s clear that voice search is a great function, we have all used the feature at some point, whether it is finding a new restaurant, asking a random question or when we are multitasking and find it challenging to text. So, is it time for advertisers to start taking voice search seriously?
According to PWC, 72% of respondent have used voice assistant, with 25 – 49-year olds using the function often. Moreover, 57% of the respondents have used voice search on their smartphone and 29% have used the function on desktop, laptop and tablet.

Voice Search Is Changing How We Use Technology…

In addition to this, 89% of respondents said when shopping for a smart home device or product, they were influenced by its compatibility with their voice assistant. The same is also true – 85% said the smart device they owned influenced what kind of voice assistant they purchased.
It seems that consumers are continuing to use their voice assistants more. There’s no denying that voice search has the capabilities to shift how consumers behave and interact with brands and therefore, advertisers need to prepare and adjust to this change.
Despite this increase in voice search usage, there are still barriers which advertisers should be aware of.
As with all new digital features, trust remains an issue for many people. If we think back to when paid ads first began, many consumers were wary of using the service. However, as time went on and Google started to prioritise customer experience and implement rules & regulations for organisations, more people started to trust the service and now it is widely used.
A large concern is that people do not like the idea of voice search listening to private conversations over a period and then recommending a product or service. This is overstepping the boundaries of technology. Whereas, social media and PPC ads are less intrusive because people have typed in a search query and therefore these ads are more useful.
Nevertheless, voice search is here to stay and will continue to change the way consumers interact with companies. Companies need to plan for this in order to stay on top.
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