In the era of multi-device consumption and in-built ad-blockers, marketers must adapt to consumers committing minimal time to their proclamations.
For most users, the ‘Skip Ad’ function is utilised at the first opportunity.
Even data-driven, targeted content struggles for attention – Facebook video-ads, engineered to suit people’s interests barely survive a 20-second gaze before they move on.
And if gaining the public’s attention is hard, keeping it is more so as the ever-growing mass of potential material adds to the breadth of options and lack of time that define modern life.
Perhaps this is why short-form content is increasing in popularity. For a growing number of consumers, easy to digest articles hold more value than their longer counterparts simply because they’re more likely to be read.

Get to The Point…

Seth Godin is one of the Marketing industries most prominent thought leaders. His daily blog has found great success covering a variety of topics from the appeal of podcasting to the importance of treating customers well.
His style is simple. Without adjectives or whimsical phrases, he offers inspiring ideas with brevity. More ‘thought for the day’ than ‘feature article’’. His blogs are ideal for reading on the bus to work, whilst skipping between emails, social media, a podcast and a Spotify playlist. This is how media works in 2019 – undivided attention is a relic of the past.
If you want your work to be consumed consistently, next time you plan content, as well as conducting thorough research and keyword data, imagine the moment in which a busy, tired and distracted human being might consume it, and at what point they might switch their focus on to something else.
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