This time last year, I was adding the finishing touches to my university dissertation and final-year web development project. This chapter of my life was slowly coming to an end, which meant I had to begin thinking about the next stage. Over the three years I spent at university, Manchester Digital Talent Day was mentioned on a regular basis by the lecturers, purely because this could be your stepping stone to landing your dream job. Luckily for me, it did exactly that.
Before attending the day, I knew it would be vital to prepare myself if I wanted to stand out from the rest of the students. The first step that I took was to research the employers attending the day. It’s important that you know which companies you would like to have a chat with. In my case, when visiting stalls I made sure that I had a bunch of CVs to hand, along with relevant questions I required answers to.
The second step I took was to make a good impression before the day had even started! Following my research from step one, I began to interact with a few of the companies attending on social media.

I also made sure I was still communicating via Twitter and using their hashtag on the day (#MDTalentDay). I found this to be an effective way of networking with the different employers that were there.
My third and final step is to attend the day with great confidence, ambition and determination (although it may be nerve-wracking for some). On the day, I spoke to as many people as I could and asked lots of questions, regardless of their company. This showed my keen interest, and I would encourage you to do the same – who knows what opportunities it could lead to? It is important to take business cards and other information from the different stalls, as this will allow you to keep in touch with the businesses once the day is over.
I found that doing the above steps played a vital part in securing my job at PushON. At the beginning of the day I felt intimidated due to the competition from fellow students, and also from the big names that were there. However, I didn’t let this stop me from enjoying myself and making the most out of an exciting day. At the end of the day, you’ve got nothing to lose. I believe you will get as much out of the experience as you put in – so make the most of it!
Find out more information about attending the event here.