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Moz DA is Changing – Welcome DA 2.0

Chris Lever | February 26th 2019

If you’re a fan of using the domain authority score from Moz for outreach and link acquisition, be aware, changes are on the way. Moz […]

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A Guide to Google’s Broad-Core / E-A-T Update

Chris Lever | October 5th 2018

Back in early August, Google released a broad-core update to their algorithm, in laymen’s terms, Google is updating, adding and reweighting ranking signals within the […]

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Mobile SEO – Thoughts & Tips for 2018 Onwards

Chris Lever | June 27th 2018

In late March Google announced that it has started migrating the first waves of webpages and websites over to the “mobile-first” index, which is primarily […]

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Phygital Marketing

Chris Lever | January 10th 2017

I was hoping to open this article with ‘Let’s get Phygital’; I was beaten to the post. What exciting times are we going through as […]

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