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Penguin 4.0 Real-Time: Part of Google’s Core Algorithm

James Whitelock | September 23rd 2016

There was a big announcement from Google today, and one we SEOs have been waiting a long time for. Google has finally updated its Penguin […]

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How to Reclaim the Old Google Keyword Planner Data

James Whitelock | August 12th 2016

UPDATE: Looks like Google has killed this data as well now. As you were. If, like us, you’re one of the unlucky early adopters of […]

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SearchLeeds 2016: ‘How to Make Friends and Get Links’ Kirsty Hulse

James Whitelock | July 8th 2016

We were in Leeds yesterday for the inaugural SearchLeeds conference hosted by Branded3. Kicking off the event was Kirsty Hulse with a quick-fire talk on […]

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