3 Things I’ve learnt About Digital Marketing

PushON | July 8th 2016

Hi, I’m Oluwadamilola – Dami for short – and I have been doing work experience at PushON for the past week. I wanted to come and do work experience here because marketing is something that has interested me and as I want to do fashion marketing later on in life I thought it would be beneficial if I came here to learn some new things, three of which I will share with you today.

1. The Importance of Title Tags

A title tag is a very brief description on what the web page is about. Title tags are displayed in 3 different places:

  1. The Browser: They can be seen at the top of the page of the browser or in its tabs,
  2. Search Engine Results Page: They are the title of the web page that the search engine finds when you search something; any keywords that are within the title tag will be highlighted in the search engine.
  3. External links: Many external websites use title tags as anchor texts when displaying the link to the web page.

Title tags shouldn’t be too long or else search engines like Google won’t display all of it. If the keyword or brand name is at the end, the user searching may not see it.

2. Local SEO

Local SEO helps smaller businesses to be found on search engines when searched locally. It is the way that smaller businesses can be found online through things like Google Maps and online profiles on websites such as Yell or 192. There are three elements to local SEO:

  • Local Listings and Citations: There are many places to list a business such as yell or 118. Once all the listings are consistent across all the listing services, Google and other search engines will trust the business more and whenever a keyword is searched that relates to that business the more likely it will show up. Citations are mentions of your business on different websites.
  • Online Reviews: Reviews have a straight impact to search rankings. Reviews can help where you are listed on a search engine ranking page.
  • On site optimisation: These on-page features are the parts of a website that influence search engine ranking, so having the name, address and phone number of the business on every page will help in its ranking.

3. Personal Branding for Fashion

As I want to do fashion marketing later on in life I have learnt that it is a good idea to start building my professional profile now as it is never too early to start. I have also recognized that I need to make social media accounts dedicated to fashion so that I can build links with industry professionals which could possibly help me in the future.

Thank you for reading this post. There was a lot more that I learnt this week at PushON but this is just a bit of it. Let me know of anything new you’ve learnt this week!