50 Shades Of Shopping (PLA Workshop) – SAScon 2015

Andrew Gorry | June 11th 2015


To get started with Google Shopping ads, firstly forget everything you know about Google search. Google shopping success requires an entirely different approach.

Text ads are declining year on year in terms of spend. Shopping ads are growing 60% year on year.

Unlike search ads, shopping ads require four separate interfaces.

Both CTRs and conversions are increasing for shopping ads whilst declining for search ads.

Shopping ads dramatically shorten the journey from search to purchase.

The six levers for successful shopping campaigns 

  1. SEO of feed data – product- and consumer-relevant content will improve layout and engagement of shopping ads. Data feed accuracy is essential.
  2. Merchant centre – follow the rules. Don’t get banned! The merchant centre requirements are extensive and strict; learn them and abide by them.
  3. Always on – feeds must be on at all business-relevant times and accurate price changes and product availability need to be current.
  4. Adwords features – make use of the range of features Google Adwords offers to boost Google ad performance.
  5. Product mix – list the correct products in the correct format.
  6. Pricing – know the competitors you will be listed next to; how does your price point compare?

Coming soon

Google local inventory ads and brick and mortar tools will be able to list ads for their local catchment areas.

Top tip for success

  • Use labels – granular data will change, so labels can be used to track performance and highlight specifics for quick identification.
  • Use negatives appropriately.
  • Going into the feed and manually validating it is essential to avoid errors in listings.
  • List 100% of inventory.
  • Make the most of ad features.
  • Find the top sellers and label them!
  • Consider device performance metrics – does mobile convert?
  • Make the most of remarketing through GDN and social media.