A Multilingual SEO Consultant at PushON

PushON | March 4th 2008

Hello, I’m Julia Shuvalova, and I’ve recently joined PushON as their multilingual SEO specialist. I worked previously for Latitude Group Ltd. as a multilingual PPC specialist managing Britain-based and international clients. I’ve been using the Internet for academic and media research since 2000, and I’ve been writing for the web since 2005. In 2006 I started my own blog, Notebooks (under my pen name), which has recently been admitted to the DMOZ (Open Directory Project). I am fluent in Russian and French and hold two MAs in History. Previously I worked as a freelance translator/interpreter, researcher and journalist for the BBC Radio Manchester, CSV Media Clubhouse, and Datamonitor, among others.

I’m absolutely thrilled to become a part of PushON. The company combines cutting-edge professionalism in their field with a wonderful working environment. Add to that a light modern office in Manchester’s city centre and the all-company great sense of humour and love for music. This is an ideal place for someone like me, who is creative, curious and loves exploring new territories rather than following the beaten track. I’m excited about using my foreign languages, research, radio journalism and sound editing skills, and blogging – something I totally adore. Oh, and listening to the great music, of course!