A new client

PushON | December 21st 2005

We are rather pleased to annouince that we have secured a contract for optimisation of the website for Must Have Security . Must Have security specialise in delivering personal home security devices such as burglar alarms , CCTV, Outdoor Security Lighting, PIR Camera Systems and so on. We are delivering this contract by working very closely with the website designers, Alloi Internet. The approach has been to optimise the site to ensure that natural search queries will find deeply embedded items. We do this by ensuring that the major search engines can index the site in depth.

We then look at process. Everything that the client adds or changes on the site is an opportunity to engage with potential customers and again is what you might call Search Engine Food. So we are training the client to do as much as they can themselves. As far as we are concerned, we’re looking to win on all fronts.

Finally, we’ll be working on their pay per click campaign. Search Engines are unpredicatable beasts. Just when you think you understand them, they’ll change. That’s one of the reasons why you need specialists like PushON. However, pay per click (PPC) campaigns are one means where you can get well managed results for a distinct budget. Squeezing out the absolute best ROI is what we do for the client.