Account Win for PushON: Undiscovered Alps. Activity and Family Adventure Holidays in the French Alps.

PushON | April 11th 2008

Are you a fan of activity holidays? I did my fair share of skiing and snowshoeing in the country renowned for its heaps of snow in winter (Russia, that is), although I never did either snowboarding or cross-country skiing. I also adore dogs and sledging, so “husky dog sledging” sounds like a perfect adventure. I would love to spend a night in an igloo, apparently it’s a wonderfully romantic experience. Cycling, mountain biking or snow biking are already not my cup of tea, as I can’t cycle. Neither are white water fun or ice diving, because I can’t swim. Caving or canyoning? Maybe. Definitely walking in the Alps, especially in the stunningly beautiful valleys of Champsaur and Valgaudemar in the Southern French Alps.

Amazingly, all these types of holidays are offered by the dedicated bilingual team at Undiscovered Alps who have recently become the client for PushON. This is a France-based family business specialising in activity and adventure holidays for groups, families and individuals in a relatively small region in the south of France. We’re working on their campaign together with Tekin Suleyman and a number of media and PR companies in Manchester to optimise the existing marketing campaign for Undiscovered Alps, as well as to develop it further. At PushON we absolutely believe in organic and Social Media marketing, and Undiscovered Alps seem to be the right type of client to benefit from it.

The valleys of Champsaur and Valgaudemar form the southern edge of the Ecrin massif in the French Alps. The region includes three of the cols on the route of the famous Tour de France, ideal for biking. Skiing activities are hosted at Orcieres 1850, a well-known high altitude Alpine resort, and surrounding villages. On our client’s website, in addition to the expected information about the region and types of activities, you can find a choice of reliable accommodation, the destination routes, and even kit lists for different types of holidays and a booking form for ski hire.

…and if you can’t ski, swim or bike, and aren’t a fan of walking, you can paraglide. With Undiscovered Alps, sky is indeed your limit!