Acquire, engage, convert and retain website visitors

PushON | November 24th 2008

Michael Notté from KAIZEN Analytics has written a great post on how you can use your website tracking results to drive your business.  The whole post is excellent reading, and I particularly like the section on defining your goals.  It brings this shiny new online arena, which is less than 20 years old back to traditional marketing strategy principles.

This is the bit :

“Every site should be designed to meet 4 essential goals: acquire, engage, convert and retain. Take your list of micro goals (and related insights) and assign one of the 4 essential goals.

The four essential goals of a website: acquire, engage, convert and retain


  • Get maximum traffic from organic search (= Acquisition)
  • Get users to read product description (= Engagement)
  • Get users to purchase products (= Conversion)
  • Get users to come back (= Retention)”

Read the rest of the post here: Defining actionable & business-driven KPI’s – a practical methodology

For your website to be useful (to you and your user), you must ensure your site has these steps in place, and that you have a way of getting people back (e.g. an email newsletter, follow up call or RSS feed).

You then need to ensure you have your goals tracked with your analytics package.  And based on the results of your marketing campaigns (using these defined goals), you can make more informed decisions about what to spend your budget on next, what needs to be improved, etc.

You can then do more than just tick the box of “yes I have a website”.