MMU Agency Life – First Impressions

PushON | October 17th 2013

MMU Business School

As part of my second year at university studying Marketing Management, one module called Agency Life enables us to spend one day a week in placement with a successful online marketing agency in order to gain real life experience of working in a marketing company as part of a structured programme of learning.

I was lucky enough to be placed with the award winning Manchester based agency ‘PushON’ which as a company focus on SEO, web development, PPC and social media. With a range of clients throughout the UK I was eager to learn how an agency environment works in comparison to an in-house marketing department.

For me, the process of starting Agency Life was quite daunting but I was quickly reassured by the friendly and relaxed atmosphere in PushOn’s brand new and impressive offices. All the staff were welcoming and sociable (even having a game of Fifa during lunch!) but it’s clear they’re hardworking and passionate for the work they do. On our first day, the other student interns and I had an induction to the company with talks from different staff teams on their specialisations, health and safety and even a small tour of the offices and where to get free drinks!

In our second week with PushOn we spent the day shadowing staff members and were shown some of the work they do with/for clients and the resources they use. We looked into keyword research and sources such as Google Trends showing the top recent searches in the UK, Google Analytics which tracks and analyses traffic on websites and other sites such as Ubersuggest, Moz and even Open Site Explorer. All these sites will help us when we have to carry out our own research when given a brief to study ourselves. Something I found rather interesting, and slightly embarrassing, was when we were given the chance to use ‘socialbro’ and ‘followerwonk’ to analyse our own twitter accounts, who we follow and where they come from. Companies can then use sites such as these to easily manage their accounts in order to target the right twitter audience and engage with their communities more effectively.

During our second week we also got a chance to briefly meet a couple of the Directors of the company. They explained a bit about their own personal experiences as well as how the business started, grew and they’re hopes for the future.

Although we are only two weeks into the placement, I feel like I already have a better insight and understanding of the theories behind online marketing which we have been taught over the past year in university. This placement also gives us the chance to grow as young professionals whilst being exposed to the everyday experiences in a busy operating environment.

Niamh – @niamhduffy94