All Hail the Rutley

Simon Wharton | December 19th 2017

Over our years in business we’ve managed to keep it fresh, principled and enjoyable. Roy and I started our first business in 2002 before pivoting into the business that is PushON in 2005. It was a steep learning curve; online marketing was the Wild West back then. Do you remember the Florida Update? Wiped out 60% of the traffic to some of our assets. However I digress. The point is that we learnt so much as we went along often flying by the seat of our pants.

Over time we grew in numbers and capability; we brought many great people into the business. Some of them moved on to great things but are still friends of the family. Some of them stayed and worked their way through the business. Sam Rutley joined the business in 2008 as an SEO exec. Much as I hate to say this, he was good at everything. Not only completely on the ball with SEO, we also found out that he’d been building websites since he was 13. Before too long we transferred him across to the development team. To this day he is one of the best developers in the business. As if that wasn’t sickening enough, turns out that he is a great leader as well. Promotion  rapidly became inevitable to leading the team and then to Digital Director in 2012. And then yet more, Sam loves the commercial elements of business. He loves the technology, the problems it solves and the people we deal with. Hold that in your mind for a few moments.

At PushON we’ve grown well. We’re a successful business because we’ve gone from explorers to being a particularly well planned and resourced business delivering excellent work to a range of blue chip clients. Our plan requires us to do more. Part of that is to deliver what we already do with increasing efficiency and with greater scale. There is no better person in our business to drive that activity than Sam Rutley. 2018 will be a landmark year in eCommerce, particularly B2B. PushON will be at the forefront of servicing that requirement.

Meanwhile, will I be putting my feet up? Absolutely not. Our plan involves sensibly expanding our range of services. This is our 2019/2020 thinking. What does eCommerce look like in your sector in five years’ time? We will be able to help you with that. Give me a call. If anything I will be busier. It turns out that I might have learnt a couple of things over the years.