Anthony H Wilson: Irritating and Obnoxious?

PushON | August 22nd 2007

I can’t say that I cared for Tony Wilson. I didn’t know him personally and on the very rare occasions that I was in the same room as him, I wished I wasn’t. But that’s hardly the measure of the man. I still listen to Joy Division just about every week and marvel at its’ uniqueness and ongoing relevance. I come across some many overheard snippets of conversation which go along the lines of “..and then Tony sorted out this for us..” I saw a huge amount of great bands before they were famous at the “In the City” festival. I have blurred memories of the Hacienda.

What is less known is what he did for the digital sector. Dave Carter captures it rather well. He turned the Big Chip awards into something beyond the back slapping session it could be with a wealth of expletive and Scouse baiting. So all in all, we would have never been mates but thank God he did what he annoyingly did. His legacy is all around but I’m all for a statue in Albert Square.

Tony Wilson’s Obituary in How Do.