BD Recruitment Ltd of Manchester I will never use your services!

PushON | January 29th 2008

OK, this one is part whinge and part point about marketing. There is a company called BD recruitment who claim to do creative, technical and marketing recruitment and placement. They cold called me ages ago and the guy was OK so I let him know that he could call me back in a few months though I’m pretty happy with the people we use. So a few weeks later I was called again and sent unsolicited CVs. I do not like receiving unsolicited CVs. I do not like receiving anything that may imply that I am bound by Ts and Cs that I have not signed. Maybe I will meet one of these people via my retained recruitment guy, I certainly am not going to be having an argument about who introduced them and who I owe a fee to, so don’t send me unsolicited CVs. Bear in mind that I’ve given this guy the opportunity to call me at some stage, he has an in. Anyway, I keep getting calls and unsolicited CVs so I let him know I am not going to do business with him. I’m moved so far as to ring up BD Recruitment to speak to his manager. Which I didn’t do. Maybe I should have but I spoke to the gatekeeper and made my position politely really VERY clear. Job done I thought, they will leave me alone having realised the error of their ways. Wrong. today I received another 4 CVs I don’t want.

Well, BD Recruitment, I tried to tell you privately that I think the quality of your approach is appalling, now I am telling you very publicly not to bother us again. We will not do business with you and if anyone asks my opinion, I think it’s quite clear what I will be saying.

If anyone is interested in a recruitment company that understands my requirements, try the Graduate Recruitment Company. Give me a call and I will give you contact details for Ben. He doesn’t bother me. He knows that if I have a position vacant, he gets a call from me. Doesn’t hassle me with pointless sales calls.

There is a lesson in understanding your customers requirements that BD Recruitment urgently need to learn, especially when you are dealing with an online marketing company whose blog ranks reasonably well in search.