Bing revamps its search engine capabilities

PushON | May 16th 2012

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, has reconfigured the way in which searches are generated on its site, in what is reported to be an effort in making the service more attractive to potential customers and to gain vital ground on market leader Google.

The search revamp centres around both an attempt to simplify the way in which the results of searches are presented and an effort to tailor those results in ways that are relevant to the specific requirements of the user.

As well as reducing the number of what Bing now regards as superfluous and distracting icons on its site, the search methodology will now attempt to ensure that the generation of images is given priority when required (for example, in response to the word ‘Mona Lisa’ being entered into the search field) but that detailed textual information will be made paramount in response to other types of searches (when, for example, the word ‘bacteria’ is entered).

Microsoft says that an added bonus of having simplified the Bing site is that search results are now generated much quicker; this being a further incentive of course for potential customers to switch to the service.

The modifications of the Bing search engine are understood to have followed an extensive period of consumer research on the part of Microsoft.

Whether the modifications of Bing will impact on the market dominance of Google remains to be seen of course, but many industry observers argue that Google’s market dominance is itself already unattractive to some sections of the public.