Blayze Unguem, terminally stupid?

PushON | March 26th 2012

Yes it’s another bloody spamming recruitment agency. Seriously you recruitment agencies, in the era of sharing, why do you still believe that you can act to a different set of rules to other businesses? You know, the ones that act with a sense of dignity and responsibility. Another thing, why do you think I should pay you 15% to 25% or more of first year salary for someone you hope to place with me when all you have done is spam? I can do spam. Why would I want to pay you £5k for the privelege of receiving your poorly targetted spam? Beats me. Anyway, Hayley Smith of Blayze Unguem Recruitment of Milton Keynes, (Do you see what I did there?) do you remember this email I sent you back October?


Why are you emailing me? Did you bother reading our recruitment page?

Please don’t contact us again

I don’t know about you Ms Smith (of Blayze Unguem), but I thought I was fairly clear. So why have you spammed me again tonight? Do the people who trust you with their CVs know you randomly spam agencies rather than thinking about their needs for their career development? I suspect they don’t.

Thankyou once again for your email spam, but please, I think it’s best for all concerned that you take me permanently off your contact list.