Check Out Magento 2’s Checkout Improvements

PushON | March 18th 2016

Magento 2 is a complete ground-up reworking of one of the most popular eCommerce platforms available. There’s a plethora of new features in both front and back end. So what improvements have been made in one of the most important areas of the buying process, the checkout?

Here’s a quick top-level look at some of the key improvements that have been made to what was already a decent checkout process.

Goodbye Accordion, Hello 2-step streamlined checkout

Gone is the accordion style, information hungry form style from previous versions of Magento and instead there’s a much cleaner 2-step process with customer information collected in the first step and billing information collected in the second step (although there are improvements made in billing too, which we’ll mention later on in this post).

Assumed Guest Checkout

Assumed Guest Checkout Field

Assumed Guest Checkout

The new Magento 2 checkout assumes you’re a guest right from the off and doesn’t prompt you to log in. The all-important account login ability is still there for those that have accounts and want to log in but you’re no longer forced to create an account to buy something. Just provide the details you need to complete the purchase and select later if you want to have an account.

Registered account recognition

Customers with an account are recognised via the email field and offered the option to log in to complete the transaction. The option to continue checking out as a guest is still available regardless of whether or not you’re an account holder.

Delivery costs calculated on the fly

Delivery costs calculated on the fly

Delivery costs calculated on the fly as information is provided

Magento 2 now has the ability to calculate delivery costs and provide options based on data input meaning users instantly see the cost of delivery and can select the best option. When the delivery option is selected the order total updates to reflect delivery options selected.

Order Summary with Product Images

Order Summary with Product Images

Order summary with product images

The checkout now features a nice order summary block which displays any cost and delivery totals. Items that are being checked out are listed, including a product image and any attributes assigned to the product, like a colour choice, for example, to remind customers what it is they’re purchasing.

Billing address only needed if required by payment method

If the payment method of choice doesn’t require your billing address, then there’s no need to enter it and you can simply click to select “Billing address is the same as delivery address” making for much faster checkout.

Result: happier customers

All these new tweaks in Magento 2 make for a much better user experience which should see an improvement in abandoned cart rates and happier customers. Enhance the checkout process further with post code look-up and the time for users completing the all-important checkout process drops dramatically which can only be a good thing. After all, the faster we check out, the faster we can get back to the important things in life, like Facebook and Netflix.

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