Consumers buy on computers after researching on mobile devices

PushON | February 21st 2013

Research undertaken by Opinium, as directed by bss digital, has revealed that 25% of UK mobile-device users browse for products on their mobile-device but will only buy via their home computer.

Over 39% of adults in the UK own and regularly use a smartphone or tablet. Regardless, only a small percentage search, research and then buy via their mobile-device. Instead, a significant number browse and study information on their mobile-device before using a home computer to order the item.

According to James Southgate, director at bss digital, this behaviour from potential customers can cause a loss of business:

“From the time it takes a customer to look at their potential purchase on their handset and then later log on to a PC and purchase it – they could easily have stumbled upon your competitor. That’s a sale lost.”

Southgate further explains that it is vital for companies to ensure their mobile website looks and feels like their main website. He believes this will give consumers greater confidence and the familiarity will lead to more sales.

A third of UK adults are hesitant about making payments using a mobile-device, owing to security concerns. Indeed, the research established that less than 20% of users will make payments this way. The survey shows that younger adults are those most often making payments using their mobile-devices.

Southgate feels that the relative lack of interest in making payments via mobile-devices is akin to the emergence of online shopping. As such, he extols the value of marketing executives working to allay the fears of customers and promote the safety of mobile payments.