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PushON | September 14th 2007

I’ve been reading up on Online Copywriting, and on my travels around the Internet I’ve found an absolute gem; Copyblogger is a blog with some great articles, resources and tips about online copywriting.

The article I found most useful to me was about how to write a social media press release; it has some do’s and don’ts for writing for social media, and an explanation of why traditional press releases don’t work for this medium.

I learned this the hard way – as some of my first social media press releases fell flat on their faces. I learned the correct way to write a press release equates to how not to write for social media.

Social media press releases are much more conversational and personal. So boilerplate, marketing headlines, facts, figures and quotes are generally seen as spam.

I also found that writing under my own name as opposed to on behalf of my company, with branding and logo, attracted kinder constructive criticism than writing as a fairly faceless writer. The Newsvine* community seriously let the dogs out when PushON had something to say!

In summary – when you’re writing for social media, you write personally, thinking about your audience and whether it’s relevant or useful to them. This is my opinion, and I think you’ll find this interesting because….

*Newsvine is an excellent place to read, distribute and comment user generated news.