CRO: Simple Changes, Radical Results

PushON | June 11th 2015


The speaker on this one is Matt Lacey with Dave and Trent.

CRO spans the full breadth, from small incremental changes to big reworks of sites. CRO is “not just about testing”. It is also about:

  • Gathering insights
  • Developing hypothesis
  • Designing concepts
  • Configuring testing
  • Analysing results
  • Identifying learnings

But testing is an essential element.

User research is important to find out what your potential customers and users already think. Internal workshops can find out what the stumbling blocks are. For example, the belief that the premium version of a product doesn’t give enough benefits can mean there are benefits to conversion from highlighting the differences and benefits of the premium version.

Next up is Dave Gowans.

“Bigger tests doesn’t mean bigger results.”

Dave recommended Qualaroo to survey users who fail to convert. Look at the trends, e.g. confusing fields.

Identify your barriers. Find a solution. Present it at the right time. Evaluate the speculated benefits vs effort of implementation. Simple changes include headlines, tooltips, benefit bars, copy and callouts.

And finally we have Trent Yunus who will talk about “taking CRO to the next level”.

He starts off talking about the Pareto Principle.

Engagement/Emotional/Attention levels must be considered.

“Build your own exit survey.”

Identify pages with high exit rates in UA. Use Google Forms. Detect intention to leave in JS using .beforeunload to trigger. Execute via VWO.

Tie in errors/changes in forms into Analytics using Events. He recommended Paditrack for visualisation of goal/event flow.