David Returns To Deliver His ERP Strategy

PushON | September 28th 2009

Following his UK tour of current Syspro users David returns to deliver his ERP strategy. The question is will he be let back in?

Of courses we are talking about the latest and LAST episode of The Factory which we helped launch today. In this last episode David returns to the K3 offices to find much has changed during his six month tour. The locks have changed and his much loved company car has been replaced with a bicycle. So what does the future hold for David?

Find out by watching the latest teaser for episode 7 below:


For PushON the Factory campaign has been an unusual one and has allowed us to test many forms of social media and various different video sites. The findings in essence haven’t been suprising as many of the things we expected to work have and it’s been a thoroughly enjoyable process.

The campaign was of course given a commendation at this years Big Chip Awards and the video’s have been posted on some great sites such as that of Mel Carson. This was our personal favourite in terms of placements but the results for the campaign were also pleasing. The first video for example gained just under nine thousand views and the number of signup’s for the full episodes was high.

To watch the full episode just head on over to the mini site. We hope you guys have enjoyed the series and look forward to working on projects like this in the future.