Developer Voices: Chris Carr

Chris Carr | April 20th 2016

Chris CarrThe case for Magento as a customer-friendly platform is continually growing, and with Magento 2 now released the case grows ever stronger. But the customer experience in an online business can only succeed with skilled developers on the back end to ensure the eCommerce store is working to its full potential. That’s why we’ve asked our Magento developers for their opinions on the platform in an attempt to get an insight into what it’s like to develop for. First up we speak to Chris Carr.


My name’s Chris, and I develop modules for custom integrations into Magento, along with a bunch of other fun stuff (usually involving black screens with white writing).


People often ask me what the best eCommerce platform is, but unfortunately there’s no definitive answer to this. I’d love to say Magento, but as we all know Magento cannot suit every customer’s needs in the ever growing eCommerce industry.


So, when should Magento be used as an e-commerce soloution? From my experience working for PushON, I feel as though the biggest factor in deciding which platform is the most suitable is the size of the business. To keep it short, if you are a smaller business that is just starting up, do not have much experience with other eCommerce platforms but want to develop it yourself, do not choose Magento!

Yes, Magento is an amazing eCommerce platform, but in my opinion it was not designed to be user-friendly and easily understandable in the way, say, WordPress, is – it was designed to offer solutions for specialists who understand companies’ business models and invest time and effort into generating a site which automates the process (via modules).


Next, we’ll talk about all the good stuff: why you should choose Magento. What makes this platform so successful at eCommerce? In my opinion, the key benefits are:

  • Magento has great built-in SEO features such as: Redirects; canonical/rel tags; and automatic meta information generation.
  • There’s a huge marketplace with new features constantly being developed, whether you need a PageSpeed module, Schema plugin, or just to automatically make your site top rated, Magento has it.

All in all, Magento is a great eCommerce solution as long as the developers behind it are skilled and experienced. But please, if you have no experience with eCommerce, pick another boat or hire a professional developer or you might just get that sinking feeling.