Digital News Roundup (31/1/20)

This week we have another mixture of SEO, Content Marketing and PPC news to catch up on.

Content Marketing Campaigns Set For Growth In 2020 

eMarketer recently published a report on how content marketing campaigns are predicted to grow in 2020. The report highlighted some interesting statistics, including 90% of marketers saying they plan to use audio/ podcasts in their upcoming content marketing campaigns. 

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Featured Snippets And Their Impact On Organic Traffic  

We can’t hide away from the recent Google updates, and while marketers were aware of the algorithm update that took place on 14th January, we were shocked to hear of another update a few days later. The latest Google update involved featured snippets and was rolled out on 22nd January – literally a week after the algorithm one. A new study released by seoClarity has examined the impact that Google’s featured snippets update has had on organic traffic.   

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Google Ads Campaigns Changing To Standard Delivery May 2020 

Standard delivery is going to be the only ad delivery method for all campaigns. All campaigns using accelerated delivery will automatically be switched over from May 2020. Google claims this is the most suitable delivery for all campaigns, as it considers expected ad performance throughout the day. 

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Amazon Advertising Mistakes To Avoid 

Amazon can be complicated to navigate, but it has started to become increasingly more important over the past few years in the digital media landscape, showing incremental growth as a critical marketplace for brands. Discover the top mistakes to consider to avoid wasted ad spend. 

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