Digital RoundUP 07/05/2013

PushON | May 7th 2013

Digital RoundUP

We hope you have had a great bank holiday weekend, here is our latest Digital RoundUP!


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This month we’re beginning a new series of posts that we’re calling FocusON. Each month we’ll focus our posts on a different aspect of digital marketing.

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This week saw in depth reviews emerging for Google Glass. The most detailed review was from engaged – Google Glass Review (Explorer Edition)

Google Glass

The review highlights the big price you have to fork out if you want to get this gadget and at $1,500 I don’t think many casual gadgeteers will be getting the chance to try these out. Here are the key points from the article if you don’t want to read in too much detail:


  • Amazing potential
  • Easy Hangouts
  • Surprisingly comfortable


  • Short battery life
  • Camera suffers in low light
  • Privacy concerns


Google’s Glass is a fascinating innovation and has more potential than any new device category we’ve seen in years. But, it’s very early days and its cost makes it an impossibility for most.

Another review addressed the issue of glasses wearers, Scott Stein had to ditch his Ray-Ban glasses to try out Google Glass with contact lenses.

Google Glass

On the train yesterday, I had my regular glasses on. Things were smaller, reality a little more wobbly. Objects flatter, field of vision narrower. After three days, I finally didn’t have to venture out with contact lenses on and augmented reality headgear.

It felt nice. Glasses are my personal protection, a sense of identity I hide behind. Google Glass inevitably becomes a little part of yourself. And my face having undergone that many transformations in a single week unnerved me. Now, with my regular glasses on, sitting on the train and typing on my iPad, it felt nice to be invisible for a little while.

I was myself again

Google Glass – SNL Sketch

Saturday Night live did a hilarious sketch about Google Glass over the weekend:


Instagram have enabled photo tagging this past week via their Android and iOS apps. Similar to Facebook (who own Instagram) any photo that you are tagged in will display in a new tab on your Instagram profile.

This feature is called ‘Photos of You’ and when a photo is uploaded to Instagram you will be asked if you would like to tag the photo, if you are tagged much like Facebook you will receive a notification.

A good facility within the tagging feature is that only the user of a image can tag it which prevents the spam tagging that appears on Facebook.

Instagram want to make photos more accessible, so if you tag yourself at a location such as your local pub. When you visit the pub’s page it will show you photos that were taken at that location.


Last week LinkedIn launched visual profile options. This will allow members to expand their current profile to show photos, videos and presentations.

LinkedIn product manager Udi Milo wrote on the LinkedIn blog

For the first time, you will now have the ability to showcase your unique professional story using rich, visual content on your LinkedIn profile. This means you can illustrate your greatest achievements in the form of stunning images, compelling videos, innovative presentations and more.

This is LinkedIn’s foray into being more a of one stop shop for almost all your online needs. With the acquisition of Pulse and the addition of multiple features, LinkedIn is trying to become a site that is as used as Facebook.

Milo went on to say

This is just a glimpse of what’s possible. We look forward to finding new ways to bring this type of rich media across your LinkedIn experience. Stay tuned, there’s more to come.


That’s the end of our RoundUP for this week – we will leave you with this site we liked.

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