Digital RoundUP 10/06/2013

PushON | June 10th 2013



Natwest recently launched a new TV ad campaign promoting their mortgages with the advert telling any viewers to search ‘NatYes’. In the same way the army does for any of their services.

However after searching for it, they do not rank as the number one result.’s story about Natwest’s digital fail is ranking as the top story and Natwest rank number 2 as of 11:30am this morning.

This is a case of when television and digital are not syncing together and can lead to hilarious consequences!

 Game Of Thrones ‘Red Wedding’ most social episode of any show 


Last weeks Game of Thrones episode has seen the most social media action in the history of the American cable Network HBO with over 700,000 mentions recorded. The spectacular episode (spoilers not included) created a huge amount of conversation over Twitter, Facebook, blogs and various forums.

This amount of social conversation should not be a total surprise since it was reported in April that Game of Thrones was the most pirated TV show of all time.

Metro readers were outraged by spoilers that were divulged in page 3 of its publication they had seen a mass backlash over Twitter. The Metro responded to the negative publicity by simply saying most people would have already seen it so they did not spoil anything, by the looks of social media most would disagree.

Google+ becomes second biggest US social network

Last week it was announced that Google + has opened up a 10% gap over Twitter and become the second largest social network .

Women remain the most engaged on social media with 6% more likely to have a Facebook account over men.

Although it says Google + has overtaken Twitter these figures should be taken with a pinch of salt. A G+ account is required for emails and YouTube so therefore how many are actually engaged with Google + is a different question all together.

Tweetdeck updated with a cleaner interface

Tweetdeck got an update this past week and is shown above via the Chrome based app. It looks and feels a lot more clean and slick and has been well received. The options such as the write Tweet button have been moved to the left hand side and creates more space for the columns. On the whole it has been a very well put together update and I hope this means that Tweetdeck will be around for a long while to come, as its our Twitter App of choice.

Vine overtakes Instagram in shares on Twitter


According to Topsy Analytics Vine has overtaken Instagram on Twitter shares.

This result is not surprising considering that Facebook bought Instagram and initially revoked Twitter sharing but relented after user dissatisfaction. Vine was released in January initially on iOS devices and most recently an Android version has been released.

The Topsy graph is shown below.

SAScon 2013

This past week SAScon took place at MMU, the two day event brought people from all over the digital spectrum and from many different countries.

We sent our team to cover the two days and you can catch up on anything you may have missed.

Day 1 can be found here

Day 2 can be found here

Thats the end of the RoundUP for this week we will round off with a video from Adobe and their innovative use of Photoshop.

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