Digital RoundUP 15/07/2013

PushON | July 15th 2013

Digital RoundUP

IFTTT released for mobile

IFTTT iPhone

If you haven’t heard of IFTTT before, it stands for ‘IF This Then That’. IFTTT provides a service that lets you create and customise powerful connections between programmes and tools that you use in your day-to-day life. Think of it as a string that ties together everything you use on your computer or phone. The easiest way of explaining how it works is to show this Recipe diagram:

IFTTT Explanation

With the introduction of IFTTT to Mobile, recipes can now be made on the go and tied into your contacts list, photos, emails and social channels. The new app is crisp and simple to use, the design is shown below:

IFTTT iPhone App

IFTTT can be downloaded here.

To celebrate the launch of the Mobile app, Mashable ran the post on the 14 Most Hilarious IFTTT Recipes.

In next week’s Digital RoundUP we will have a review of the app.

56% of Social Media Users Suffer From FOMO

FOMO - Fear of Missing Out

According a new study by trends in social media are being attributed to FOMO, the fear of missing out.

The concept behind it is due to our over reliance and use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Users are so engrossed with its use and how they are perceived by others that it has become an obsession.

Out of the 2,000 US adults surveyed 56% were afraid of missing out on key events, news and status updates.

More worryingly a quarter of people surveyed would prefer to kick their smoking habit than quit using social media. 27% of those surveyed said they check their social sites as soon as they wake up.

On a more positive note 52% said they would like to take a vacation from one or more of their social networks however only 24% said they would actually do it.

App Store’s 5th Birthday

Apple App Store

Five years ago, Apple launched the iPhone App store, for many this was the evolution of the mobile and smartphone market. In five short years, Apple have grown to dominate the mobile app market, growing from a mere 500 available apps at launch to over 1 million at present.

To celebrate this achievement, Apple were offering free Apps to current users, including Infinity Blade 2, Where’s my Water?, Tiny Wings and Traktor DJ for iPhone and iPad dropping from £14 to free for the limited time.

BBC cancel 3D Programmes

The head 3D programmes for the BBC, Kim Shillinglaw, this week stated that the two year pilot of the 3D shows has been a flop and that the BBC will take a three-year break from any 3D programmes once the trials finish at the end of 2013.

This is a contrasting view to may of the BBC directors who favoured the switch to 3D, even ensuring that the Queen’s Christmas speech was shown in 3D.

From experience, it seems to be the type of BBC shows that are being shown on Sky 3D are primarily nature repeats and are not constant with the regular TV schedule.

Why to you think the BBC are cancelling their 3D programs?

Dropbox Update

Dropbox logo

Dropbox is expected to rolled out some new features this week, with rumours it has the potential to be ‘Game Changing’. The update is to do with Dropbox extending the data store api to allow more cross platform synchronisation such as Contacts, To-do lists and Save game states. This will allow all data to be mirrored across all the devices that share access, however, developers will need to build in the api into the products. Exciting times ahead!


@Manutd Twitter

This week saw Manchester United join Twitter, finally connecting with the fans on other social platforms and becoming one of last elite clubs to join Twitter. Have a read of our blog to find out our opinion on Manchester United Joining Twitter:

We All Follow United – Too Late to the Twitter Party?

That’s the end of the RoundUP for this week, we’ll RoundOff with this rap battle between O2 and Tesco Mobile on Twitter. Are O2 the kings of Social in the Mobile sector?