Digital RoundUP 22/04/2013

PushON | April 22nd 2013

Digital RoundUP


On Friday Twitter’s long awaited music app released, so what is it all about?

First of all this app only allows you to preview songs, if you want to play full tracks then you would need to connect  with a Spotify, Rdio or iTunes account.

The layout is slick and the app is user intuitive. On the left hand side you can see what was trending at a specific time and you can click on the picture which will allow you to ‘preview’ the track.

It is a good way of listening to the upcoming songs and the way it is displayed makes it easy to follow.



I did like the suggested artists feature which for me was fairly accurate. I can only speak for myself and this could be due to the fact I follow a few artists on Twitter itself.

My personal opinion is that if you already have a Spotify or iTunes account it makes sense to use the service. However, if you have not signed up with iTunes, Spotify or a similar service before it is unlikely that you would sign up after using this.

Let us know your thoughts




WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum said the app was now larger than Twitter in terms of monthly users. It has been reported that there are over 200 million monthly users of the app at present.

The messaging app now sees around 8 billion inbound and 12 million outbound messages per day. Obviously Twitter and WhatsApp are different forums for communication, but social network growth has stagnated as users move over to other services such as WhatsApp.

After turning down Google’s $1 billion bid WhatsApp is going from strength to strength and is going to start charging a yearly subscription of $0.99.


Nielsen released stats on what consumers are doing on their tablets while they are watching TV. Social networking sites and shopping websites were the two most interacted forms whilst TV was being watched.

Image search see a downfall

Google Images Down

This week we saw an article released from Barry Schwartz on SearchEngineland, claiming that Google Images referrer traffic drops 63% since the upgrade. The study was part of statistics released from Define Media Group based on 87 different website searches on Google Images. On average they saw a decline of 63%, with the Fashion and Lifestyle, Entertainment, News and Photo photos sing a 78% decline in traffic.

This is the graph showing the weekly image search traffic from the Define Media Group study:

Image Search Down

The categories of the image search traffic:


Google will likely say the decline is due to a decline in “phantom visits” where publishers counted impressions in the old design even when the searcher did not click through from Google to the website. When we asked the founder of Define Media Group, Marshall Simmonds, he said “we actually never saw any instance of the ‘phantom visit’ phenomenon and none of the publishers we work with and data we reviewed revealed evidence of it occurring.”

Has anyone else experienced this huge decline in Google Image Search traffic to your site?

That’s the end of our RoundUP for this week- we will leave you with firstly this useful resource for handy chrome extensions.

Also we have all used Excel and we thought we would share this article we came across.

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