Digital RoundUP 24/06/2013

PushON | June 24th 2013

Digital RoundUP

DuckDuckGo reaches 3 million daily searches

Last week saw DuckDuckGo pass 2 million daily searches, and this week once again DuckDuckGo has passed another milestone. DuckDuckGo tweeted on the 18th of June about its latest milestone, reaching more than 3 million direct searches in a single day.

The DuckDuckGo site allows you to view the Direct queries per day using the traffic page and this justifies the large increase in search volume over the last few weeks. The highest point the the chart shows on the 22nd of June having 3,100,301.29 searches (shown below).


Is it due to the privacy concerns from the NSA/PRISM issue making the online search engine user switch from Google and Bing to DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo has done a fantastic job to show such a rapid increase in search volume and has done well creating a buzz around the brand even recently appearing on Bloomberg TV, Fox TV, CNN.

Instagram video

It was bound to happen… Instagram have introduced videos to the service, in a similar way to Vine but with improved features.

Instagram Video

You can now shoot 15 second videos, with 13 custom filters with cover frames (thumbnails) to choose from. They have also added a special feature built in called ‘Cinema’, Instagram’s new stabilization technology. The new features will be available on iOS and Android and can be downloaded here.

Vine show new features

Hours before the announcement by Facebook showing the new Instagram features, Vine sneakily previewed some new features they will be pushing out soon for their app. In the clips, we can see; Full screen videos, Private messaging between users and the possibility of curated categories.

How will the new Instagram update affect the user base of Vine, will they be loyal and stick to Vine or just have all pictures and videos in the one app? 

Facebook Insights Updated

Facebook Page owners were treated to an update on the Insights this week, with the analytical dashboard getting a overhaul. It has not yet been made available to the public but they released images to show what the update would look like.

Facebook Insights

The new design looks simpler, cleaner and able to give a more detailed analysis of the Facebook page.Statistics that used to be collated such as the “People Talking About This” section, have been broken down into separate charts that allow Page owners to individually measure the reach and engagement (likes, comments, clicks and shares) of individual posts. Owners can also now break down demographic behaviour to see, for example, if their Pages are better at engaging women ages 18 to 24, or men older than 65.

European Search Awards

We Won! Congratulations to the team who worked on the Chill Factore campaign ‘Hit the Slopes’, as we won the Best Use of Search for Travel & Leisure at this years European Search Awards in Barcelona.

Here’s a picture of the team with the award:


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