Digital RoundUP 29/07/2013

PushON | July 29th 2013

Digital RoundUP

Google Helpouts

Google took a step closer to an online e-commerce marketplace last week by offering users the chance to engage with experts in a particular field by introducing the feature called ‘Google Helpouts’.

‘Helpouts’ is currently only being tested internally at present, but it’s looking like it will form a marketplace that enables individuals as well as small and large businesses to buy and sell services via live video.


The new feature looks like it will allow sellers to create their own profiles, taking advantage of the new opportunities with reputation management, scheduling and payment features, while offering robust search and discovery tools for consumers.

Google Helpouts

With its live video integration with ‘Hangouts’, ‘Helpouts’ looks to be a promising new addition to Google’s next step in creating a marketplace for customers. It will be interesting to see how Google use this tool with the other Google products, linking Google Wallet to assist with the purchase speed and simplicity to buy.


Google Chromecast Dongle

Last week Google also unveiled their new gadget to enable streaming from PC & Tablets to TV’s.

Chromecast is a small and affordable device at just $35 (£23), that you simply plug in to your HD TV and it allows you to use your phone, tablet or laptop to “cast” online content to your TV screen. It works with Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, and Google Play Music, with more apps like Pandora coming soon.

The Chromecast device is currently available in the US, the UK should receive stock  around the 9th of August.. For a limited time, 3 months of Netflix is also included. More info available in Google Play.

For full details check out the Google Official Blog:

From TVs to tablets: Everything you love, across all your screens

Read a review of the Google Chromecast here.

Yandex Co-Owner Dies

Yandex Logo

Russia’s answer to Google, Yandex lost one of its founding fathers Ilya Segalovich. He had been diagnosed with stomach cancer last year and was undergoing chemotherapy however unexpectedly he slipped into a coma and past away.

Segalovich set up the company together with his business partner Arkady Volozh in 1997, today Yandex has a market share double that of Google in Russia and is worth over $10 Billion this has meant the company is one of the most profitable in the country.

Mr. Segalovich was the company’s Chief Technological officer whilst being the co-owner and was behind the name of Yandex which is an acronym for ‘Yet another Index’.

Gigya social share report

A social login report by Gigya has found some interesting results in their research. Social login is the ability to login on a site using their social credentials this saves time instead of registering and is widely used. The infographic can be found below:

LinkedIn launches Sponsored Updates for brands

LinkedIn is rolling out Sponsored Updates similar to that of other social networks; this will allow LinkedIn posts and announcements to be seen by those who you are not ‘connected’ with.

These ‘Sponsored Updates’ appear like a message and will appear directly in a user’s news feed on the LinkedIn homepage. Whereas LinkedIn ads are displayed at the side of the screen and are often missed by users or ignored.

Below is an example:

Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn have assured users they will not be flooded by constant streams of advertising like Facebook saying they will ‘strike the right balance for our members and companies.’

Content marketing is an area of growth for advertisers on social networks, as users are far more engaged on their news feed. Promoted content, according to studies, tends to increase the overall authority of a company which leads to increased sales. Also promoted content tends to lead to more followers for a company which leads to brand awareness and followers.

Results have shown that promoted or sponsored content has had a positive impact on the business, however we will have to wait and see if users start to ignore this the same way as ads on the sidebar.

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