DSMMCM1516 and PushON: The Story of the SEO Cup

PushON | December 15th 2015

PushON were delighted to partner with MMU Business School in sponsoring the DSMMCM1516 SEO Cup for a second year running. Speaking as a former winner, in the infamous 11/12 competition, I personally enjoy following what each subsequent year of students does to compete, especially how they have to adapt every year in order to keep up with the changing SEO landscape.

What is DSMMCM1516?

For those who aren’t too privy to this digital lingo, DSMMCM1516 is the name of the digital course run at MMUBS. Each year the students compete to rank for this particular keyword which helps to provide an introduction to SEO and the world of online marketing. The fact that the competition has evolved to feature additional prizes for content marketing and social media highlights how digital awareness is evolving within the academic world – it’s also pleasing to see that students are being taught that it’s not all about rankings (but it is, really…)

Digital education is a subject that PushON are heavily committed too, especially having taken on many MMU and DSMMCM students over the years. We got involved in the debate “Should SEO be taught in Universities” last year after the question was posed on Moz.

Here’s how we got involved in the competition last year:

We spoke to one of the winning teams, Holla Digital, who produced a couple of pieces of content to help them to on their way to the content marketing cup. You can still read the interview I gave to them in two parts; Bridging the Digital Experience Gap for Graduates and How to get Hired by a Digital Marketing Agency. Both provide some useful points for all of the digital students looking at future jobs in the industry, as well as tips on how best to further knowledge in the subject.

Blogging itself is an invaluable exercise, something I enjoy personally on my own blog as well as professionally for PushON; learning about content marketing and promoting your website online is a key element of any role in digital marketing. As you can see with the content we worked with students on last year, if you can produce something of value, a company will be willing to share or publish it (this is a massive hint…)

We’re looking forward to following progress into 2016, starting with a half way results social tonight. We’ll be there to speak to all of the students and pass on any advice about the SEO Cup or future careers in digital.

You can follow all the activity of the course at #DSMMCM1516. Good luck to everyone who’s involved!