eCommerce in 2019: Here's What to Expect…

eCommerce continued to go from strength to strength in 2018.
But what does the market hold for website owners in 2019?
We’ve collated some experts’ predictions to help you plan for the year ahead…

  • Since 2014, the worldwide market has grown at a rate of around 20%. Forecasts suggest this will continue at a similar rate until 2021.
  • Personalised Experience will continue to gather pace as increasing numbers of customers visit sites that cater to their individual tastes and spending habits.
  • Pop-up shops will continue to grow in popularity as eCommerce brands look to find exciting ways to combine clicks and bricks.
  • Visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are continuing to evolve the ways in which users can shop whilst browsing their social media.
  • Influencer marketing, whilst nothing new, is set to become more profitable as emerging communication and revenue channels become more established.
  • One-click purchasing is predicted to become more accessible. Streamline your checkout method or risk being left behind by competitors.
  • Image search allows users to find products by uploading a photograph. eBay, Pinterest and Google are leading the way but the trend may well become widespread in 2019.
  • Drone delivery may begin to emerge. Amazon recently predicted that 40% of parcels will be delivered via drone by 2028.

If you’re looking to grow your eCommerce business in 2019 contact our team today.