Email marketing continues to thrive

PushON | April 4th 2013

Email marketing continues to be a viable and useful tool for marketers. The increased use of mobile devices means that potential customers can open an email anywhere and at any time. However, attracting new customers, and bringing back existing customers, takes more than simply sending an informative email.

Taking advantage of the mobile boom means optimising email content to ensure it is accessible and relevant. With millions of smartphone owners across the globe accessing emails and the internet daily, smart marketers are seeking to ensure emails are optimised for mobile. With research showing that 70% of smartphone users will instantly delete emails that don’t display quickly and correctly, it isn’t hard to see why mobile optimisation is so important.

Marketers have to ensure that email content is optimised for mobiles or they are likely to lose a potential customer or sale.

In addition to ensuring emails are suitable for mobile devices, it is equally important for marketing executives to remember why they are sending the email. A marketing email needs to garner a response from the recipient, preferably a measurable one. Sending a personalised email with seemingly bespoke content can only be judged as simple communication without a measurable response.

For skilled marketers, measurable responses will be clicking on links to social media channels, clicking through to websites, replying to the email or phoning the sender to enquire or order.

Email marketing is alive and well but it has to adapt to mobile if it is to maintain its rude health.