Eu Win Again: PushON’s Search Triomphe

PushON | May 5th 2016

This morning it was off to B&Q to ask their experts about strengthening a trophy cabinet. It’s become something of a must recently, particularly as last night we picked up yet another one, this time at the European Search Awards 2016 in Paris.

We didn’t send a posse this time, but Creative Director Roy attended, partly in recognition of his status but mainly because he’s the only one who can speak French and  fully understand the meaning of faux pas.

Best Low Budget Campaign: The Perception of Colour

Then at just after 9 p.m. it was announced: we had won the Low Budget Campaign award for our campaign for Buy T-Shirts Online – “The Perception of Colour”

Roy was understandably happy!

He’s now put in an application for a triumphal arch on Worsley Street.

There’s a more detailed description of the campaign here, but in a nutshell we created a survey-based piece on people’s emotional responses to the colours people wear, and how they influence their perception of the wearer’s intelligence, sexiness, trustworthiness and such like. It’s appropriate that the campaign has got European recognition as it was on continental Europe that it really caught fire after being picked up by English language sources.

colour_perception_fanBig congrats go out to the whole team, each of whom played a part in the success. It was a perfect blend of PR, creative application, technical proficiency and bloody-mindedness, and we’re proud to be recognised for our efforts.

By the way, when the guy in B&Q realised we were from PushON, he recommended that we consider upgrading our trophy cabinet to a walk-in trophy room, and recommended a fully fitted, state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled, slug-resistant model, and we’re giving serious consideration to the idea.