Eurostar launches live on-screen social media-based promo campaign

PushON | February 24th 2012

Cross-channel train operator, Eurostar has embarked on a promotional campaign involving the projection of live, constantly updated text and images from Facebook and Twitter onto large public LCD screens.

The initiative – branded ‘Eurostar Live’ – is being deployed across London and the south-east to help promote the company’s recently launched train service to Amsterdam.

Eurostar Live is being hailed by the company as a ‘truly interactive’ service since, in addition to featuring the company’s own promotional content from Facebook and Twitter, the 363 digital screens are also being constantly updated with the latest feedback comments from the public on the two social media sites.

The campaign, the company says, is part of its larger strategy to grow customer loyalty through the use of social media.

Commenting on the initiative, Eurostar’s director of marketing and brand, Lionel Benbassat, said:

“Social engagement needs to run through our entire business, with customers openly sharing their experiences to help inform other Eurostar travellers”.

Benbassat added that the exploitation of social media was viewed by the company as complementary to the more traditional means of engaging with customers, rather than being seen as an end in itself:

“We believe that in getting this right, we can in turn enhance the power of conventional channels to drive acquisition and customer loyalty”.

A similar example of cross-fertilisation between traditional outdoor advertising and modern social network campaigning was recently carried out at Victoria Station in London by beauty cream manufacturer, Dove, whereby the public were invited to submit beauty-related comments via text or Twitter for live screening.