Facebook introduces new page for couples

PushON | November 19th 2012

Market leading global social media network site Facebook has launched a new facility whereby married or otherwise romantically linked couples can create joint pages annotating and celebrating the time they have spent together.

On these pages, couples will be able to collect together any photos, posts and mementos relevant to their relationship, and build a special timeline dedicated to the history of their partnership.

In order to build a couples page, Facebook users merely have to follow the directions on Facebook.com/us. They do however have to have already confirmed their relationship status on the site, and to have already specified whom that relationship is with.

The new couples facility is said by commentators to be essentially a special version of the site’s newly revamped ‘Friendship’ page option – whereby users can also share photos and posts at a single location.

Despite this connection with the Friendship feature – which, in its original format, has been established on the site for two years without too much comment – reaction to the new Couples page facility has not been without controversy, even though many have seen it as a positive move.

Some commentators criticise the fact that a Couples page begins to be formatted automatically as soon as a relationship status has been confirmed on the site – with the migration of certain shared photos and posts also automatically taking place. This, they say, raises certain privacy issues.

Other critics have said they find the site’s deliberate focussing on the shared happiness of couples to be either cloying or upsetting for those without a relationship.