Finally…Google Analytics Annotations!

PushON | December 11th 2009

I have been banging on about this feature for quite a while (you may remember my post last year on annotations) and after some late night reading i found the news i have been waiting for. On the 7th Google announced the new annotations feature although as of yet it still doesn’t appear to be live in the UK.

It has been unclear as to why Google as taken so long to release the feature as its been one of the most requested by SEO’s in recent years. Up until this point we have had to make do with alternatives such as GA Notes. GA Notes is a plugin for Firefox and in fairness does an ok job. The main drawback to it however is that you can’t view the notes on multiple computers. So for example if you add some notes at home you are not then able to see them at work.

It’s clear that Google has taken this issue into consideration when developing there version as they provide this functionality. Anyone with access to an account can add notes and they can be made either private or public. This is ideal as sometimes you wont want to share certain things with clients however its great that they will be able to see when key changes are made.

Google analytics annotations is also going to be a feature that will greatly appeal to large corporations. More and more big corporations are using Google analytics but with so many different departments workings on a site it can be difficult to track things. Annotations will allow people in different departments to see when different things occured and how they effected the site. It will acts as a type of central repository.

Anyway instead of me banging on about it i will leave it to the guys at Google to explain it in this hand video.