Finding Links Pointing to Your Non WWW with Analytics

PushON | October 27th 2009

I recently came across this technique over at Luna Metrics and it got me thinking as to how useful this would be at the start up phase of a project. If you think, clients come to us at all stages of a sites life cycle. For example they could have been just built or handed over from a previous SEO company. Finding links pointing to your non www could be an early or quick win for your campaign. For those of you who are unfamiliar with canonicalisation or would like a refresher then you might want to check this post out from Luna Metrics.

Ok so to get started you will need to login to analytics and click on the visitors option in the menu and select hostnames. This will display a list of all the urls including non WWW ones and how many visits have been made to each one. Hopefully the non www one won’t be to high.


Now er need to go a little deeper to find the links themselves. You will need to click on the non www version link and then once the new page has loaded click on the referral option in the advanced segment drop down. Finally you will need to select source in the dimension drop down. All the urls will then be displayed.



As you can see they are pretty quick and easy to find and can be a really useful tool in your seo campaign.