FocusON – It’s not Spam, its Spám

PushON | June 25th 2013

Most SEO’s know the difference between a good and a bad link, and, after the Penguin 2.0 update, link builders have been made aware that Google will no longer tolerate spam from directory-type and low quality sites. Link sellers used to offer thousands of quick links for a low price until Google hit these networks, forcing online marketers to change tact to a more white-hat approach. However, you can still find plenty of people offering these suspicious looking packages.

If you’re outsourcing how you can be totally sure what kind of links you’re going to be getting? The answer is you can’t, which most likely means they won’t be any good in a post-penguin world. However, those spammy link sellers seem to be doing their best to assure you that what they’re doing is safe!

Prepare to be reassured.

It wasn’t hard to find one of these spammers, on fiverr of all places, offering 200 Google Plus +1’s. It wasn’t the fact that I couldn’t quite see the value in this deal that made me look deeper into it, but more the desperate language that was being used to drive the sale. It made me think the industry of quick, mass links was struggling to the point that each seller was trying to trump the last by offering not just the cheapest, or most, but the BEST links/likes/+1’s.

Another quick search through twitter and I found a user (who has now been suspended) whose twitter feed was just listing after listing of these top quality offers. So, what would those who may be drawn in be looking for? In the search world that Penguin has created link builders want to avoid low quality links and penalised sites. How can you be sure that this is the case – well, a “GOOGLE SAFE!” backlink sounds perfect doesn’t it! And from a “PR9 authority site” as well, wonderful.. What more could you want? How about “10,000 Powerful Backlinks” that come with their own warning “Be Careful of its SEO impact”. Positive or negative? I’m sure we can all guess. Now for those of you who haven’t been persuaded to part with your hard earned, albeit surprisingly cheap, there’s one more traffic offer you won’t be able to resist. “EXPLODE your Web Site Traffic” – note the emphasis on explode; that already safe sounding word. Capital letters for legitimacy as well, obviously.

Ok, so we’ve seen 3 great link based offers so far, anyone convinced? I’m sceptical too; I’m just not feeling the quality or assurance with these deals. How do I know that what they’re selling isn’t just a short term spam result? Well, it would seem the guarantee I need is best gained from a boost in Twitter followers. Again, the offer has decided to use the capital letter trick to inform me that my instant 25,000+ new followers are “GUARANTEED STAYING FOREVER AND PERMANENT” – there we go then, sign me up! Hang on actually, that’s great and everything, but will there be any interaction from them? “No eggs, no unfollows and will get some retweets” oh erm, some, really?

Everyone knows Google+ is where it’s at, and we should all be using it, but the actual value of +1’s is yet to be definitively answered. So if you’re going to buy a bulk load (200+ sounds good) you’ll probably want them to be “genuine, real and 100% stable” Stable?? Does this mean they’re less likely to get cold feet about endorsing my payday loans site and -1 it because of their suffering conscious? For $10, I doubt it.

Now I wouldn’t want to have got everyone excited reading all this for nothing. I’ll admit, some of these offers aren’t great, but here’s one you can’t say no to (and it’s probably the best of the lot)..

“I will write 20 things on your Facebook wall of your choice for $5” – what are you waiting for!?

These spam offers will ‘explode’ your traffic on SEO and social platforms for a stupidly low fee and we are unsure as to whether these are guaranteed once you pay (disclaimer – we recommend you AVOID these at all costs). Although some agencies use these dirty tactics to show clients a quick result, is it worth it at the end of the day and do the clients know that these tactics are being used? At least someone is keeping the Google Penguin algorithm busy for a while longer.