Full Blown WordPress CMS

PushON | October 15th 2008

WordPress is all to frequently viewed as a basic blogging package however the abundance of plugins and ease of use make it an ideal fully integrated CMS system. At Pushon we have recently done a rebuild and redesign for an industrial and home insulation company called Sprayseal. We found that using WordPress as a CMS was a real joy and believe its SEO friendly features will help Sprayseal perform well in the search engines.

At first we were slightly skeptical as we wanted to make use of stylish drop down menus and insert customisable video’s. Luckily we found some excellent plugins for such things. This is where WordPress really comes into its own. We used the Multi-Level Navigation plugin and also the Smart Youtube plugin. We found these gave us excellent results.

The other thing we were slightly concerned about was accessibility. We are strong believers in accessibility and wanted to ensure we could continue to deliver accessible sites. Fortunately WordPress doesn’t incorporate a lot of useless code in to a site. Although we have used WordPress as a full CMS before we found the updates in the new version to be extremely useful. The content restore feature especially. We are very pleased with the new design and if you ever need home or industrial insulation services give Sprayseal a try.