Fun With Facebook Connect

PushON | August 4th 2009

Facebook Connect was launched late last year and was designed to give developers a way to provide richer site experiences for Facebook users. The concept was simple but as with many things the implementation was much more difficult. This is because people had to come up with creative ways to use it but in the last few months or so I have come across some really cool implementations.

The first one I came across (that I actually noticed) was on the Prototype website. Now, I love video games and spend many hours each month watching trailers and getting excited. What Activision have done is personalised the trailer watching experience by making you feature in a starring role in the trailer. The site pulls in data including photos from your profile and uses it in an interactive way. It’s probably the best implementation I have seen, good work guys.


This morning I got an email from the company I booked my holiday from telling me how they have also launched a Google Connect feature on there site. It’s not necessarily the most exciting implementation of Facebook Connect but I can see it adding a great deal of value to the site. This is because many of the people on this site are travelling on the trips alone. I should probably explain that this company offers group holidays for collective individuals or groups of friends and families. The value will be added by the fact that people can directly ask for reviews from people who have been on the trips. They can also talk to people who are planning on going on the same trip. I love the idea and can’t wait to use it myself.


Other interesting uses include EventBee which was designed to pulicize events and Beware Of The Doghouse for retailer JCPenney. I’m certainly look forward to seeing more uses of platform and will hopefully get to use it on one of my own projects in time.

If you have come across any other cool examples let us know by leaving a comment below.