Go: The Power of Magento

PushON | March 22nd 2012

Recently I attended a Magento webinar on Magento Go integration with eBay. It was a great experience and definitely worth sharing.

Magento Go

Magento is the first and the most powerful e-commerce development platform with a plethora of features and functionalities. Within this amazing growth, they have introduced several products such as Enterprise, the deployed solution.

In February 2011, Magento launched a hosted solution, Magento Go. It is a SaaS (software as a service) which supports cloud technology. With this feature, Magento has become an even more feasible option for online sellers to beat their competitors. Within days of its first release, thousands of merchants were registered to test drive the turnkey servers for building and running their online stores.

In Magento Go, you can build your powerful store on your own to sell your products and services online quickly and easily. Magento Go provides the robust setup tools to manage your store such as customisable designs and out of the box professionally designed themes, attention and loyalty tools, customer engagement tools to increase the interaction for the best customer experience and product variations such as bundles and group products. It offers an impulsive navigation system so people with limited knowledge of the web can also handle it very well. Magento Go makes it a lot easier to edit the site through the CMS.

Magento Go

M2E extension flow

Recently people have built their confidence in online buying and have become more sophisticated in how they use it. They have started looking for products through different online channels such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook, etc. From seller point of view, they are more tempted to synchronise their online store with eBay or Amazon stores to control the inventory in one place.

M2E extension

Recently Magento partnered with ESS-UA to create an impressive M2E extension for which enables Magento Go stores to seamlessly connect to eBay platform. M2E is a single data entry management point with full control over inventory across different channels. You can connect multiple eBay accounts to multiple Magento stores, which provides the user a flexible data synchronization for prices, products information and stock levels. Also eBay orders get imported into Magento and treated as native Magento orders.

The part I liked the most is you can create and list products from Magento Go with M2E extension. Basically you don’t even need to login to your eBay store account anymore.

The best part is, it is completely FREE and includes full technical support, I think it is worth a try. There is similar extension scheduled to come out for Amazon in spring 2012.