Google AdWords PPC – Embedded match

PushON | August 19th 2008

What’s this all about then?

Well, as I was contemplating what match types to delete, add and test together in Google AdWords, I came upon a match type that I’ve not exploited enough.

Embedded match gives you the opportunity to display your advert for a broader range and every variation of a keyword, except for the keyword itself.

Embedded match in action

If you are promoting roof insulation for example, you could use the negative embedded match -[insulation]. So that you will show adverts for keywords such as “roof insulation”, “loft insulation”, etc.

So you’re showing for long tail keyword phrases relevant to your key product of insulation, but you benefit from a lower level of competition, lower cost per click, higher variation of keywords and an end user that is further down the purchase process.

It’s also a good tool to use at the start of a campaign for discovering new good and bad keywords that you can ban using negative match or add these keyphrases in their own right as phrase or exact match.

How to use embedded match

So as not to give away all my secrets, we’ll use the term ‘hamster’.

  • Add the negative exact keyword -[hamster]
  • Add the broad match keyword “hamster”

In this way, you will appear for ‘hamster accessories’, ‘hamster food’, ‘hamster wheels’, and ‘how to stuff a hamster’, but crucially not the vague and potentially unprofitable term ‘hamster’.