Google Grants for non-profit organisations

PushON | March 12th 2012

Reading an article on the E-Consultancy site gave me some inspiration for writing this blog post today. Apparently between 2011 and 2016 government funding for charities is going to fall by £2.8 billion. This is a huge figure and will no doubt affect every charity in the UK somehow. In the current economic climate budgets are being cut left right and centre and I am still shocked at the number of UK and Irish charities that I come across who are not taking full advantage of online charity grants.

Google Adwords

The Google Grants programme will give any organisation who hold a current and valid charity status $10,000 worth of advertising budget on Google Adwords completely free. This is an opportunity not to be missed whether you are a worldwide, national or local charity – the reach is endless. As a PPC Specialist it is great to see charities utilising this free budget provided by Google. I have been fortunate enough to manage a not for profit PPC account and I can’t help but feel a bit like Robin Hood. Taking from the rich to give to the poor. The Grants programme has some restrictions but can still prove to be a valuable source of donations:

  • Maximum bid is $1
  • Cannot advertise on the Google Display Network.

These restrictions are easily overcome as the target keyword list can be as big as you want. The only issue is with the $1 maximum CPC. A lot of the major charities self fund a lot of their campaigns and can bid anywhere up to £10 per click. This bid is determined by the lifetime value of the customer. For a user who signs up to donate regularly to a charity £10 is a low price to pay. Also if the account spends $9,500 during any 2 months then the non-profit organisation can apply for a $40,000 a month Google Grants account. This is huge for any charity giving a yearly budget of $480,000. Let’s break that down further and give a real life return on that spend. In this example we will speculate that the average cost per click is $0.50, the conversion rate is 5% (average for charity websites) and the average order value is £40. The yearly donation figures are:

  • 48,000 donations
  • £1,920,000 revenue

And remember the above figures will have been generated without the charity paying a penny, well not to Google anyway. To apply just visit this link and fill out the contact form. Google usually responds within a week or two with a decision on whether to accept you or not.

YouTube Advertising

Video is one of the most effectively used platforms for charities. It is easier to convey a certain situation or issue through video than any other medium and thus is why the majority of charities have YouTube channels. YouTube also offer a charity grant which has a lot of advertising benefits:

  • There is an increased uploading capacity.
  • Beneficiaries can benefit from call to action video overlays.
  • Get a listing on the non profit channel page.

YouTube advertising is usually run and managed through Google Adwords. If YouTube was a search engine it would be the 2nd largest in the world and has immense reach. Using the video overlay feature means that advertisers can hit donors at exactly the right time.

The above grants are the only online charity grants that we utilise and I am sure that it won’t be long before Bing & Yahoo introduce a charity grant themselves. For more information on our management of charity accounts or to get involved just give us a buzz on 0844 967 0565. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.