Google Page Rank – A Perfect 10

PushON | May 23rd 2006

I just got to thinking whether I’d ever seen a Google PR (Page Rank) 10 site. If I have I hadn’t acknowledged it. So I went to what I consider to be my favourite and most used site, and it’s a PR 9. Then I tried eBay, a truely global site also a PR 9. Are there any PR 10’s I begin to wonder? Surely Amazon is a PR 10……………it appears not. Amazon achieves no page rank at all. I think because of the randomly generated ever changing homepage. Clearly page rank means nothing to Amazon, what do they care, I don’t see anyone denting the Amazon market share too hard.

So are there any PR 10s?
Well yes, is a PR 10 with being a PR 9 and there are more, and here’s a full list.

What’s interesting is apart from a few, all the sites are directly related to the Internet and Internet technologies.

Googles explanation of PR